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Stainless Steel TIG Rods

We stock a full range of high quality stainless steel TIG rods for all your welding requirements

Stainless steel is a steel alloy that contains chromium, which gives the metal that shine that it is famous for.

Stainless steel does not rust or corrode as easily as carbon steel, another property which makes it a popular metal for many TIG welding applications from industrial equipment, food processing, aerospaceĀ and automotive.

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308LSi is predominantly used on austenitic stainless steels, such as types 301, 302, 304, 305 and cast alloys CF-8 and CF-3. For high temperature applications such as in the electrical power industry, the high carbon 308H electrode provides better creep resistance than does 308L.


Use 309LSi when joining mild steel or low alloy steel to stainless steels, for joining dissimilar stainless steels such as 409 to itself or to 304L stainless, as well as for joining 309 base metal.


316LSi filler metal should be used with 316L and 316 base metals. CF-8M and CF-3M are the cast equivalents of 316 and 316L, respectively.