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About us


Weld-Cut Services

Delivering reliable and tailored assistance

Weld-Cut strives to find the best way to meet each customer’s requirements

Our customised services

In response to our customers' diverse requirements, our team offers a full spectrum of service. We select the best gas and welding supply options. We design, build and manage gas supply and installations to the point of use. Finally we provide process expertise to enhance productivity, product quality and surpass all safety standards.

Making gas & equipment work best for our customers

In order to help our clients focus on their core business, Weld-Cut makes it easier for our customers to manage their gas and welding hard goods requirements. We share our safety experience because we know that handling and using gases requires specific skills. To raise awareness of gas risk management we provide workforce training so that all employees can use our products safely. Helping our clients to better manage their logistics and stocks, we propose integrated customer solutions.

Welding in progress

Local Support

We provide real time and supportive technical assistance helping you achieve your goal and ambition. 


Cumulative experience

With proven industry knowledge, we can advice our customers on enhancing performance and efficiency in gas and welding hard goods use. We rely on our global network of application experts, engineering and R&D teams to provide the optimum solution for a given need. Our team is committed in helping our clients optimize their processes through on-site audits, performance tracking as well as solutions design and commissioning.

Welding Training


  • High-quality training given by welding professionals
  • Courses adapted to your specific needs
  • A complete range of courses to offer you the largest number of possibilities

Wide range of training available

The courses cater from beginners and advanced users and encompass all methods of manual and automatic processes. Brazing, cutting, plasma welding, coated electrode welding, TIG, MIG/MAG welding, flux-cored welding, submerged arc welding, plasma cutting and fuel cutting are taught here.

Our courses are offered internally and externally. Their duration varies depending on the starting skills of the trainees and the objectives to be achieved.

Contact our Head Office for more information on this.