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About us


About us

Best Global Products & Excellent Local Services

First established in 1971, Weld-Cut has demonstrated continuous growth to its present position of having branches strategically placed around South Africa

Our History

With over 40 years experience, Weld-Cut has grown into one of South Africa’s leading gas and welding equipment distributors. With 3 branches strategically placed in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, Weld-Cut can easily provide you or your company with your welding requirements. Weld-Cut Equipment is a division of Air Liquide (Pty) Ltd Southern Africa and proudly supplies the full range of Air Liquide Industrial and Speciality gases. Over the years Weld-Cut has nurtured a collaborative and people focused culture, we believe this fuels innovation. This culture has enabled Weld-Cut to not only compete, but excel in a highly competitive market. When it comes to expertise and service, we are second to none.


Our Expertise

Best Global Products, Excellent Local Service

Through our global business partners and shareholders, Weld-Cut strives to offer products and services that provide cost effective solutions to our valued customers. By adhering to basic good business principles, we are able to commit to service excellence and a high level of customer satisfaction. 


Work with us

Weld-Cut is a national leader in the gas and welding industry, this was not achieved by chance, but through our desire to strive in this field. So when it comes to hiring our most valuable assets, we select the ideal candidates for the role. We look at how we can partner with the prospective employee to foster a mutually rewarding partnership. With the right commitment and a solid work ethic, we can assist in developing the right candidate for the role.

Want to work with us?

Weld-Cut’s talents are its people, who – through their abilities, passion and efforts – bring success to the Group. Investing in our people, empowers our company and transforms our country.

Student and graduates

To help future graduates discover our business and job opportunities, Weld-Cut develops close relationships with schools and universities all over the world.

Job opportunities


Social Responsibility

We are committed to achieving commercial ways that honour ethical values, respect people and respect our stakeholders.