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Cylinder Gas

We supply a full range of industrial gases including Oxygen, Acetylene, a full range of high quality welding gases responding to your special needs.

Argon Inarc 25
This excellent shielding gas is used for TIG welding on aluminium, copper and their alloys at thickness >6mm. A slight preheat of 100 degrees C may be required to enhance penetration. Spray pulsed transfers are recommended.
This shielding gas is formulated to suit the welding of flux-cored wires. Produces excellent weld appearance and penetration with minimal spatter used on carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel, including stainless steel to x-ray standards.
Atal Mox
A high quality shielding gas best suited to medium to heavy thicknesses of carbon steels (mild steel). This shielding gas exhibits good mechanical properties during bend tests.
A universal gas mixture used for MAG welding on all grades of stainless steel and alloyed steel including 3CR12. Used in the flat position it exhibits good weld appearance and low spatter on all thicknesses of plates. Spray and pulsed transfers recommended.
Cargal 8 Teral
This gas is excellent for high production welding in the flat position of thinner materials >5mm. It boasts very little spatter with good wetting action. The main advantage is that it can be supplied in bulk liquid form. Dip globular and spray transfer are recommended.
A general purpose shielding gas mixture used for MAG welding on al thicknesses of carbon steel (mild steel) in all positions. Ideally suited for general fabrication work and high production situations. This 3 component shielding gas exhibits minimal spatter levels in spray and pulsed transfers.
Inarc 18 Forming Gas
Similar product to Inarc 25 in that it widens the scope of welding flux cored wires. This Universal shielding gas is used for welding with MIG of FCW in all positions producing excellent penetration on single and multi pass deposits. Recommended for medium to heavy plates. Also known as purging gas it is mainly used for back purging of pipe work strip clampers and vessel work, where TIG and Automatic Plasma welding are employed. To be used on austenitic stainless only.
Arcal 6 Arcal 40

A very high purity shielding gas used for TIG welding and plasma welding of austenitic stainless steels. Extensively used in stainless steel tube mill industry, where high speeds are essential coupled with good aesthetics. Not to be used for ferretic stainless steels, due to be used for ferretic stainless steels, due to the Hydrogen content.

This is a similar premium product to Arcal 20 except for a higher helium content which makes it more suitable for welding (MIG/TIG) heavy sections (>25mm) of aluminium and copper.
Arcal 12 Crystal Argon
A premium quality shielding gas used for very high quality MAG welding on all grades of Stainless Steels and 3CR12. Depositing sound, spatter free welds of x-ray standard. Spray and Pulsed transfers recommended. This premium quality shielding gas is also used for MIG/TIG welding of aluminium copper and their alloys to x-ray standards in 5-6mm plates. Spray pulsed transfers recommended.
Arcal 14 Crystal 24
This high quality 3-component shielding gas mixture can be used on all grades of carbon steels (mild steel) in all positions utilizing dip-spray and pulsed transfers. Materials up to 8mm thick in carbon steels, stainless steels in all positions can be successfully welded. A high deposition rate and very little spatter can be expected. A multipurpose shielding gas used in fabrication shops and production environments. Depositing low spatter welds of excellent quality on all grades of low, medium and high carbon steels. Well suited for all thicknesses. This 3-component shielding gas exhibits excellent penetration and wetting action in MAG/pulsed processes.
Arcal 20  
This premium shielding gas is used mainly for fusion welding (MIG/TIG) of thick section aluminium and copper. The helium content increases the arc voltage, therefore increasing penetration and reducing the need for costly preheat.    



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